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Looking through my lens just before clicking the shutter button, it is amazing to think how this next photo might enshrine an era of this person's life.  It would be a pleasure to add you to the ranks of the families and businesses that I have been honored to serve.  Please choose from the packages below:

Family Portrait

Family Motion Portrait

Rate: $450/family session


+40-100 digital photos via Google Drive (or even more if the shoot yields that many)!

+ A 4-6 minute video with those photos plus gorgeous slow motion clips of your family from those same compositions.


*note* I think this can be a great way to capture the bit of your personalities that the still image just cant seem to grab. The photos will make the grandparents smile. The video will make the grandparents weep.

Florich Family

Family Portraits/Senior Portraits/Event Capture

Rate: $300/1 hour session*


+40-100 digital photos via Google Drive (or even more if the shoot yields that many)!


Location: You choose somewhere scenic (your property, an important place to your family, or Donovan Park, Peoria)

Time:  I enjoy using the last hour of the day leading up to sunset, or the first hour of the day after sunrise.  I can be flexible on this, however, and can adjust to your needs.

* Mileage will be added for those shoots further than 15 miles from Peoria

Professional Headshot

Professional Headshots

Rate: $250 for 1 client*


+10 to 30  different photos (or more if the shoot yields it) in various crops.

*$100/additional person.  If you know someone(s) else interested in a professional headshot, then by all means: schedule it together, share the cost, and cut your rate significantly

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